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For the ipe deck planner in your household…ipe decks are one of the most exciting and popular projects to plan.

We offer these questions for your consideration as you research for your project.

20 Questions for the Ipe Deck Planner

  1. Have you laid out the footprint of the deck in the yard?
  2. How big will the deck be (measured in square footage)?
  3. Have you called DigSafe (or your local equivalent authority) to locate and mark underground utilities (power, water, gas) for the ground work?
  4. What type of soil is in the proposed location?
  5. Will you need to bring in better materials for drainage?
  6. Have you investigated local building codes, structural requirements, restrictions and permitting processes?
  7. Have you spoken with any deck builders yet?
  8. Have you checked supply sources and pricing for ipe decking?
  9. Who will create the formal design of the project (the plans from which it will be built)?
  10. How many seasons of the year would you like to use the deck?
  11. Are there safety considerations for children, pets or elderly people?
  12. Are there privacy concerns (neighbors, traffic, etc.) to consider?
  13. What type of rail system will the deck have?
  14. Do you intend to have special features like stonework, outdoor kitchen, fire capability, pergola, planters or built in seating?
  15. Are there any special landscaping elements related to the deck and its perimeter?
  16. Will there be accent lighting built into the design?
  17. Do you have a formal site plan showing the locations of the property boundaries, the home, underground utilities, outbuildings, landscape features, etc?
  18. What is the weather exposure of the proposed location (i.e. north facing, western exposure, etc.)
  19. Have you created a budget and schedule for the project?
  20. Have you thought about what type of finished appearance you want your deck to have and what type of maintenance it will require?

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About the Author: Scott Burt is a wood finishing expert. IPE decks are one of the areas of expertise in which he is frequently published in paint and remodeling magazines. He also engages in clinics and speaking appearances on the topic. Ipehelp.com is where IPE owners and installers can engage with Scott. .


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