Living with IPE…

Living with Ipe…is a love/hate relationship.

Scott Burt

Take back your deck.

My experience with ipe and its owners confirms this.

Here’s why: everything about ipe is counter intuitive to everything you thought you knew about wood decks. Or about wood. Or about decks. It’s all different.

Our 2015 Ipe Owner’s Manual Series is designed to remedy this.

The New Ipe Owner’s Manual is currently available to our upper level paid members.

The Ipe Owner’s Maintenance Manual is planned for release in November.


As the nearly 500 comments on our legendary 5 Things Not to Do article reflect, it has become a challenge for our readers to interact with each other and with us, in the comment section of that article. This caused readers with immediate issues to scramble to find ways to directly contact us for advice on how to resolve ipe problems. Source

This site is the venue where IPE owners enjoy direct access to timely professional advice specific to their own situation, as well as a wealth of information regarding the best ways to care for IPE.

ipeReaders can now join us here for a unique ipe ownership support experience.

Click here to register for free access and to learn about our premium support packages.

If ipe is part of your outdoor living world, you have just found a great home.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing about the ipe in your life.